21 Day ‘Reset For Vibrant Health’ Facebook Challenge

Oh no! Are you greeting the New Year feeling bloated and frumpy after a Holiday blow out?

Did you indulge in too many carbs and calories over the Christmas period?

Did you go overboard on cookies and Cranberry Bellinis’ and are you looking to reset your diet in 2016?

Do your old diet plans and strategies still work for you or are you finding it harder and harder to slim down and lose weight?

Gone are the days when I could drop pounds easily on the Cabbage Diet, where I can run all day on lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne without feeling flat out exhausted and I am leaving the ‘juice only’ diets to my 20 something vegan friends!

Women in their forties need a healthy eating strategy that avoids restriction and denial! After being in the trenches of child rearing, work and family life we need a plan that fuels vibrant health and abundant energy and day by day builds the beautiful health, glowing skin and energized body that you desire.


Join me this January for my FREE 21 day  ‘Reset For Vibrant Health’ Facebook Challenge. Every day for 21 days you will receive a health tip or dietary actionable to make incremental changes to your diet.

Each day builds on the day before and by the end of 21 days of manageable tips and adjustments, you will be feeling lighter, more energetic, with glowing skin, improved sleep and a calm and relaxed state of mind.

This is 21 days of gentle change and learning new habits.

This challenge is not for you if you enjoy hunger pangs, flavourless meal replacements, or blood sugar spiking juice fasts.



Full disclosure: you will be receiving my ‘Nutrition Nerd Truth Bombs’ along the way as I give my inner Nutrition Nerd full permission to unleash over our 21 days together!

What could be better than joining a supportive group of like minded women who are all on the same path as you?

Women who are saying out with the old and in with the new when it comes to diet and lifestyle in 2016! 

Let’s encourage, support and celebrate one another! Let’s share the journey, thrive and ‘Reset For Vibrant Health’ together!

I am excited to connect with you in this private Facebook group and invite you to make this your home for the next 21 days.

Thank you for joining me for the 21 Day Reset For Vibrant health Challenge

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