About Louise Innes Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Are you ready to age gracefully, feel comfortable in your own skin and wake up every morning feeling energized and happy?

You are sick of conflicting advice about food and diet and want to cut through the crap to get workable advice about your personal health issues and daily kitchen challenges.

You are looking for healthy meal options the whole family will enjoy, that will keep you feeling svelte and happy and will help you to get your mojo back.

Are you ready to age gracefully, feel comfortable in your own skin…?

You want to love the food you prepare and eat every day!

You want to love the food you prepare and eat every day, to feel your food loving your body back and find the secret to kicking short-term diets and restriction to the kerb.

Right now mealtimes are rushed and stressed as you struggle to please everyone and lose your personal goals for health a wellness to a crushing schedule.

My name is Louise Innes and I work with women in their forties who are walking the tightrope between their personal health issues: fluctuating hormones, weight gain, stress and energy drain and the challenge of serving healthful family meals on the daily.

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I work with women who want to…


Get to the root cause of their ongoing niggling health issues so that they can continue to age gracefully.


Eat food they love and that loves their bodies back so that they can quite a lifetime of self-blame and restriction.


Are looking for direction, accountability and results from an empathetic cheerleader when it comes to making changes to their diet and health.


Cut through the tsunami of conflicting health advice around food.


Get a clear and personalized plan for healing their health through food that works within their families schedule and tastes.

I believe it is possible to balance your need for schedule crushing family friendly meals that everybody loves with healthful and delicious foods that fuel your very best body.

As a woman, when you grab your oxygen mask first, get educated with science-based information about nutrition and hone your kitchen skills for the benefit of your personal health; the health of your whole family will feel the love.

…family meals that everybody loves with healthful and delicious foods…

I retrained… to reclaim my own health, as I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

I retrained as a Holistic Nutritionist in my mid-forties to reclaim my own health, as I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! I became reacquainted with boundless energy, my absent libido and the sunny disposition of my twenties!

I kissed goodbye to exhausted evenings on the sofa, nights with no sleep and my doctors referral to the varicose vein clinic!

Inspired by my personal experience I now coach women with families who feel compromised between eating for personal health and the needs of their family.

When you work with me…


I will meet you right where you are today and together we will get to the root cause of your health issues.


You will find discover foods you love that work for your best body and those that are damaging your health.


You get access to your own personal nutrition school…ask me anything you want to know.


You will feel supported, validated and encouraged as you take baby steps back to feeling great.

Together we will form a practical menu plan and manageable path forward and armed with science based nutritional information increased confidence and a fist full of kick-ass, family friendly recipes you can begin cooking your way back to optimal health.

Say yes to yourself and your very best health! Click here to contact me by email and book a discovery call session. I look forward to speaking with you.

You are the expert of your own body and my job is to listen.


Louise understands that it is hard to change your diet, and she was aware that giving up the comfort foods brings up lots of emotions.

Louise helped me to navigate through the very overwhelming stage of beginning.

Right away Louise was able to identify the things that I was missing from my diet.

I love that your voice is in my head now reminding me to put myself first occasionally and to rest and nourish my system.


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