Tolerant Penne Pasta

I am loving this Red Lentil pasta that I found in Sunterra!


Take a look at the label and amazingly it only has ONE ingredient….Red Lentils


Organic and GMO free, it is the perfect size packet to cook up for a couple of school hot lunch flasks or a simple lunch or supper for two. The lentil pasta takes a little longer than wheat pasta to cook but is toothsome and has a vibrant peppery taste.

Red lentils have a far superior nutritional profile to wheat and this pasta is full of fibre and the B group of vitamins. It is a valuable source of anemia-preventing iron and immunity-boosting zinc. This high fibre, power-house of a legume also helps to lower cholesterol levels and, unlike a white wheat or rice pasta, provides a slow burning energy source that does not spike sugar levels, perfect for weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes. It is also an excellent choice for your digestion to break up the monotony of our very wheat based North American diets.

I cooked up a simple lunch of pasta wilted swiss chard (of which I had a glut until the snow fell!), left over salmon and a pinch of sea salt. Delicious!


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Louise Innes

Author: Louise Innes

Louise Innes is a holistic nutritionist who resides in Calgary, Alberta. Her balanced take on nutrition brings a refreshing perspective to the world of food.

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  1. We had this as a side dish last night with a mushroom and basil tomato sauce. Everyone loved it. Cued up to try the black bean version next!

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    • Louise Innes

      Me too! I was thinking Black Bean Pasta with a really spicy Puttanesca Sauce.

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